Lockdown broke the trail of Shetland related ideas begun in 2013. At first it was a welcome chance to work without tempting distractions. I finished Valley and pinned up drawings expecting to continue with related Shetland ideas.

The drawings didn't interest me, my world had shrunk to the walkable - my daily routes; which took me past the homes of our children and grandchildren and, it turned out, the dwelling places of ancestors on both sides. I felt I needed them about me in these peculiar times.

After various false starts I found myself with Footfall a concertina'd structure of old A - Z pages, brown paper, card & cloth inscribed or collaged with my daily walks, with current and historical family information and eventually with all manner of not so personal, pandemical and historical information.

To date it is the only topical work I have made, a one off which seems to have begun a time of works in various directions and various media including, to my surprise and tentative hope, painting.

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